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Gatsby Athens Hotel
Gatsby is a glimpse
of timeless Athenian lifestyle,
located in the heart of Athens.
Sexy yet shy and full of surprises.
Step inside...
Gatsby Athens Hotel
The Alchemist
Confess your sins to the alchemist Artemis
at the end of the bar; create your original
cocktail story or choose from the signature
“Sinners” cocktail list... day or night…
Shake yours, we ‘ll shake ours!
Gatsby Athens Hotel
The Food Whisperer
Our food whisperer, Dimitris, is deliciously ready
for all of Gatsby’s soirees, romantic dinners,
bedside snacks or even your
after-party cravings. His career highlight –
set aside his previous experience –
is his most recent after sex menu. Care to give it a try?
The Coach
Get personal and sweaty with Tina
or reserve your trio session.
Gatsby Athens Hotel
The Concilieri
Gatsby’s young apprentice Kostas.
He was chosen because the force is strong with him.
Poke him and he will reveal all his secrets-
not to be told or shared!
Gatsby Athens Hotel
  • Aesthete - Aesthete

    Gatsby smells like a rainbow
    in a black and white frame;
    It is eclectic and soft- it sparkles!
    Don’t bring your umbrella

    PEAK INTO THE MOODS Gatsby Athens Hotel
  • Explore - Explore

    Gatsby is full of surprises;
    Pushes back boundaries.
    Get lost to be found

    PEAK INTO THE MOODS Gatsby Athens Hotel
  • Sexy - Sexy

    Gatsby is sexy
    yet shy and blushed.
    Is a provocateur mingling
    mystery with pleasure!
    Push the button

    PEAK INTO THE MOODS Gatsby Athens Hotel
  • Party - Party

    Gatsby is bubbly and wobbly;
    missing no opportunity
    to party & make you feel
    like dancing

    PEAK INTO THE MOODS Gatsby Athens Hotel
  • Well being - Well being
    Well being

    Gatsby is an altruist
    and a generous soul.
    Not infected by stereotypes or labels;
    it embraces all
    Follow your inner path to eudaimonia!

    PEAK INTO THE MOODS Gatsby Athens Hotel
Located in Athens city center,
a true boutique hotel with 33 rooms,
an all-day bar-restaurant;
A detox gym
and a guest only rooftop.
Creative event & party spaces.
Discover it yourself…
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